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ENT Surgery, as has been highlighted in the press, is a particular risk during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the frequent requirement to examine the nose and throat.

In NHS Lothian we have worked hard to develop procedures that have allowed us to continue clinics in a safe way, protecting patients, nursing staff and doctors. This has allowed us to maintain our cancer and emergency services without a break.

We have now restarted urgent work across all ENT surgery in NHS Lothian. This has required changing how we work. In particular the numbers of patients we can see safely has drastically reduced to maintain safe social distancing and a safe enviroment for the patient. We have also utilised telephone and video consultations to reduce unnecessary patient contact.

We are currently working closely with Spire to apply our experience to restarting private services in a safe and effective manner.

Whether you are attending the NHS or private sector we would be grateful for your understanding that things will move more slowly. It would be helpful if you could arrive at or just before your appointed time and if you have a face mask arrive with it. As always if you have symptoms of potential coronavirus infection we would ask you not to come but to get in touch and we will reappoint you.


Update 23/6/2020
Some limited clinics have now started in the Spire Murrayfield. We can see patients referred as urgent by their GP only. ENT clinics are currently being done in the operating theatre as this is the only area which has adequate air exchange for ENT procedures. The treatment room in the main outpatients is in the final stages of being upgraded so hopefully we will be back in outpatients soon.
Several patients have been told by Spire that we will not be doing any outpatient procedures. This is incorrect and the whole point of doing the clinic in theatre is that we can continue to do throat endoscopies and microsuction of ears in a safe enviroment. It would be helpful to get pre-authorisation from your insurer in advance of your appointment for these procedures.