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Outpatient appointments and procedures for Self-Funding Patients

Our consultation fee for self-funding patients is between £200 and £250.

Most patients with an ENT problem will require additional investigations and tests which incur a further fee. For some investigations, such as blood tests or xrays, you will receive an invoice from the hospital directly. For other investigations, such as endoscopy of your nose or throat, you will receive an invoice for the procedure from us and an invoice from the hospital for the facility fee.

These additional fees can amount to several hundred pounds and if this is an issue it is important that you contact the consultant you are due to see in advance so we can provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs you will incur. Please note that the hospitals rarely provide an accurate estimate.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been undertaking some telephone consultations where feasible. Please be aware that for billing purposes, as per the advice of the insurers, these are considered as normal consultations and are billed accordingly.


Inpatient procedures

For in patient procedures we adhere to the insurer fee schedules for insured patients. For self-funding patients the Spire Hospitals offer fixed price packages including your inpatient stay and a follow up appointment. For further information regarding this please contact the hospital directly.

For insured patients Medserv will bill your insurer directly. If there is any excess or other shortfall on your policy Medserv will contact you directly to arrange payment.

For self-funding patients the Spire hospital will bill you directly.



We use a company called Medserv for our billing. They will contact you directly with an invoice and payment or queries should be made through them. The only exceptions to this are fixed price treatments such as the all-inclusive treatment packages which will be billed by Spire.
To securely pay on-line follow this link: Medserv's payment page


Insured Patients

All of our consultants are fee assured for the majority of major health insurers so shortfalls in your insurance will be exceptionally rare. Please note that if there is an excess on your policy you will be liable for this directly. If you have any concerns regarding fees or your bill please either contact medserv or our practice manager.